About Us

Anima Travel was born from the desire to promote remarkable travel experiences.  We offer ‘ready to go’ trips as well as completely custom made ones, all designed with our team’s care, passion and knowledge of the region they are from. We are experts in European, African and South American itineraries and we tailor our trips to your wishes and needs.

 We care deeply about the sustainability and well being of the communities we visit and prioritize using locally owned and operated services in order to provide job opportunities and to create long-term sustainable relationships with them. Our team is educated on the cultural and social impacts of tourism, to ensure that the local people and environment are respected during our trips.

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and we are committed to provide quality services and eco-friendly solutions.

We are passionate about creating a world where everyone feels welcome and included and our operations and practices support women and promote gender inclusivity in our workplace and in the wider community.

Furthermore we believe in exploring, traveling and learning while also helping to protect our planet and minorities.

Anima Travel’s founder, Silvia, is originally from Brazil but has lived in three different countries, traveled extensively and developed a passion for learning new cultures and connecting people. Currently based in the United States, she spends at least three months a year in Italy, a place she called home for over a decade.

After organizing trips with great success for friends and family she sought to establish her own travel company.

Drawing from her background in art and thanks to her knowledge as well as network in the tourism business, she designs insightful trips that go beyond the beaten path while paying great consideration of the needs and desires of each client.

On a personal note, she loves  to spend time with her children, practice yoga and pilates, go to the opera and museums, take photos and of course, she loves to adventure to new places. Silvia hold three citizenships and is fluent in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

our team

Liberata was born and raised in the Sorrento peninsula where her family has been producing olive oil and wine since the 19th century!

She speaks English and French and enjoys sharing with guests from all over the world her knowledge of archeology, art, history, botany and of course the food and wine of her native region.

Her career began in 2001 as a naturalistic guide and since 2004 Liberata has been a certified guide for the Campania region. She is the mother of two and in her free time, if she finds any, she enjoys photography, reading and hiking.

Francesco is a licensed tour guide with an academic background. He’s a PhD in Arts and Humanities and has been working on specific tours to rediscover the neglected history of the Renaissance.

He was born in Rome and studied between Florence and London. After traveling extensively and teaching English literature at school, he started working in tourism as a private guide and docent in museums in and around Florence. In 2020, he came up with a project called “Queer Tuscany Tours”, which is aimed at presenting Tuscan and Florentine history and artistic masterpieces from an LGBTQ+ perspective.

James Hill is a British-born cultural travel specialist, guide, lecturer, podcast host and travel designer specializing in tours to Italy where he has lived for thirty years.

James also leads and co-leads fine art and cultural tours for groups and individuals alike to France, Slovenia, Croatia, many parts of the USA, Cuba and Barbados. He lives between Rome and Como.

Miguel Almeida Bruno is a professional photographer, graphic designer and African specialist with a vast knowledge in African wildlife and ecotourism. He spent part of his childhood in Angola and subsequently lived and worked in several African countries where he has been creating safaris and photographic expeditions for over 20 years. Miguel currently lives between Tanzania and Portugal, has certifications in first aid, land and maritime navigation and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese. He has an outgoing character with a constant smile on his face and loves to horseback ride.